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Success Stories


These Success Stories will dive into what health means to the individuals who shared

and the impact that Chiropractic has made on their life

Christina Cohen

Chiropractic Services

I've been taking my family to Vitality Chiropractic for over 7 years! It's a very inviting atmosphere and they're always accommodating to my busy schedule. Each visit we leave feeling relieved but more importantly we leave feeling motivated to keep on track with our health with supplements and exercise routines. They're genuine individuals and a powerful team. They are knowledgeable and innovative, they always have something new to recommend. We even discuss  my weight loss goals! I have you know, since I had my youngest, I've lost 25 lbs. and it's still melting away! I highly recommend this practice!!!

Rita Bazso
Chiropractic Services

I had neck and low back pain when I first sought treatment at Vitality Chiropractic. I had suffered for 2 months before seeking care. Prior to chiropractic I tried yoga and Motrin to get relief from the pain. The staff at Vitality Chiropractic have always treated me very friendly. Dr. Jessica and Dr. Juan are very professional and friendly. They care about the patient and listen to what really is the problem. love everything they do and how they do it! 2 months into treatment and I feel great. I am now able to do thigs without constant pain. I very highly recommend the doctors at Vitality Chiropractic I will never go anywhere else!

Andrea Backstrom
Chiropractic Services


My kids have received chiropractic care since birth as part of our natural preventative health-care lifestyle. They have both been to different chiropractors, but Vitality Chiropractic has been their favorite! Adjustments used to be like a chore to them now they are excited to go and talk about how relaxed and good they feel afterward. I notice a big difference and improvement in their mood, sleep, and immunity when they get adjusted regularly. They have even been referring their friends they love it so much!"

George Nock

Chiropractic Services


“I presented to Vitality Chiropractic because my low back and pelvis were in constant pain. It affected my daily life negatively in every aspect. I needed relief! I was over being in pain all the time. A friend of mine, Greg, told me to come here and I'm very happy he did. Before chiropractic, I only had done stretching and took Advil constantly. Since starting care my life/health has improved 100%. I feel like me again! I'm sleeping better, more energy, better focus, lower stress, better digestion, improved posture and mobility. What I like the most about my care was that the environment and care were great. The Caceres family are awesome. I look forward to continuing care and being pain free and happy. I highly recommend Vitality Chiropractic. They will change your life!”⁣

Nock & Juan-Cropped.jpg

Lester Richardson

Chiropractic Services


“My son Lester had Asthma issues for the past 3 years. As a 7 year old he would have to stop what he was playing to take his inhaler. He often got restless at night as well. I came to the office when I heard a presentation from Dr. Juan about Chiropractic helping kids with asthma. Before trying Chiropractic my son was using his nebulizer frequently as a treatment. Since coming to Vitality Chiropractic, Dr. Juan and Dr. Jessica came up with a care plan that not only has him playing like an normal 7 year old, he rarely uses his inhaler anymore. I have noticed that his is also sleeping better, has more energy and more mobility. I loved that the doctors created a game plan for my son, we stuck to it and it worked! My hope is that my son Lester will totally be free and clear of his asthma and we can keep coming to Vitality Chiropractic for maintenance I would highly recommend Dr. Juan and Dr. Jessica. They are tremendous!”⁣

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